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What is bike packing?

Simply put, bikepacking is a combination of mountain biking and minimalist camping. Bikepacking offers the freedom from multi-day hikes through remote areas coupled with the technology and thrill of road, gravel or mountain biking. With a bike you can cover more distances per day and carry more equipment than with hiking or "backpacking". Since camping also plays an important role, each tour usually includes an overnight stay. The challenge of equipping your bike as compactly and lightly as possible with the necessary equipment is also an essential part of bikepacking.

In contrast to classic bike tours with a pannier rack and a setup of six bags, with bikepacking you try to keep your bike as handy and off-road as possible. The weight is distributed centrally on the frame and luggage racks are largely dispensed with. In addition to the bikepacking range, we also offer products related to the classic "six-bag" touring in our shop.

Bikepacking starts where bike touring ends.

At the end of the paved paths, you can explore less traveled places, whether near or far, on forest paths, gravel and deserted dirt roads, only with the essential equipment in your luggage. The bike becomes home for this time and offers everything you need.

Ride, eat, sleep and do it all over again - have fun!

A common misconception is that bikepacking requires a small fortune. Especially for newcomers, the perfect bike, tailor-made bags and the latest ultra-light camping equipment are quickly on the wish list.

Of course it's never a bad idea to invest in good quality gear and some routes require it, but for the first small tours it's not essential. You should start your first bikepacking "overnighter" with existing bike and camping equipment on a short distance close to home (10 to 30 kilometers). You can also use a backpack and tension belts without special frame bags. This experience will quickly show what equipment you need for the next tour.

A philosophy of travel

Bikepacking offers the possibility:

  • leaving your comfort zone
  • gain unique experiences
  • minimalism and keeping things simple
  • reduce stress and let go of everyday life
  • gain mental and spiritual experiences
  • consume locally
  • and much more...